This form is for Adults (18+) interested in joining the club as an experienced rower. For Junior Membership please contact the Juniors Captain on:

1. Name *
1. Name
3. Address *
3. Address
6. Date of Birth *
6. Date of Birth
7. Gender *
Emergency Contact Details
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16. Name
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20. Address
Rowing Activity
All members of the club must be able to swim 100m in light clothing and to participate in swim tests and capsize drills as required by the Water Safety Officer.
21. I confirm that I can swim 100m in light clothing and I acknowledge that I will be asked to complete a capsize drill *
27. There may be video or photography at some sessions which may be used for coaching and/or publicity materials (posters/website) for Cambridge '99 Rowing Club or Sportivate. Images will not be accompanied by names or other details to identify individuals. I grant permission to be filmed or photographed during the sessions as described above. *
28. We work closely with the rowing national governing body, British Rowing. As part of your membership, you must be registered with British Rowing. I grant permission for Cambridge '99 RC to pass on my details to British Rowing *
29. Consultants working for Sport England to monitor Sportivate may want to send you a survey.
30. County Sports Partnerships may wish to notify you about other sports activities.
31. British Rowing occasionally passes on email addresses of its members to provide data for sport or market research.
32. British Rowing produces a rowing orientated email newsletter.
All applications must be accompanied by the relevant joining fee and annual subscription, to be paid monthly by standing order. Please pay your joining fee and set up your standing order to:
Cambridge '99 Rowing Club Barclays Chesterton, Cambridge Sort Code: 20-17-35 Account No: 10228605
33. Please confirm you have paid the joining fee and set up your standing order
If it is considered by the committee that the granting of membership would be detrimental to the aims and objectives of the club, the committee are entitled to refuse membership and will provide full reasons for doing so.
By signing my name on this form, I apply to join the Cambridge '99 Rowing Club and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the club (see rules of conduct on Join Nines page) and its national governing body, British Rowing. I have completed the medical details above and I consent that, in the event of any illness/accident, any necessary treatment can be administered to me/my child, which may include use of anaesthetics.
(Should be signed by parent/guardian if applying for junior membership)
All applications must be completed for Health and Safety reasons. All information contained within will be held in the strictest of confidence, and is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Membership is subject to approval by the Membership Secretary and Rowing Committee.
Please ensure that the Membership Secretary is informed of any change to this information as soon as possible. Any queries or problems please email, or