The club would like to acknowledge and thank the companies and individuals who support us.


Cambridge ‘99 are happy to announce recipt of the Mick George Sports Fund in partnership with Living Sport. This money has been used to purchase two new cox orbs which will help to develop our coxing squad and overall club performance! Many thanks Mick George!!

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Eat Natural

Cambridge ‘99 are happy to announce sponsorship from Eat Natural. These products are the immediate go to after a hard training session!

Eat Natural bars are made with love and care from delicious, honest ingredients that are sourced from like-minded growers around the world, who believe, like us, that real taste comes naturally.

We make everything ourselves in small batches, pretty much by hand, at our very own ‘Makery’ in Essex and keep recipes beautifully simple, so you can taste exactly what’s in them.

We never add any fake flavours, colours or preservatives.

Simple…isn’t it?

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MultiSigns Ltd.

With over 32 years of experience in printing and signage MultiSigns Ltd. have produced exceptional quality products for the club. From unique kit designs for high profile races to banner and poster printing to advertise the club's events and courses. Most recently they provided the design and printing of crew tops for those who raced at WeHoRR and HoRR 2018 pictured below.


Four by Eight Photography by Robert Young

Photographer Robert Young has been consistently providing outstanding quality photos of our crews before, during and after racing. His work records the races and bonds formed by our Nines members. He has also been instrumental in providing pictures for our website, press releases and committee members. Examples of his work can be found on his Facebook page and website.