We have a growing Juniors squad with a capacity of up to 50 athletes, aged from 12 to 18. The squad has achievements at local and regional races as well as successful appearances at national events. Our coaching team is led by professionals who specialise in working with young people and have British Rowing Level 2 certification. The squad follows a programme designed to develop the juniors' skills, strength and the fitness needed to enjoy rowing and to progress as a rower.

Our athletes can train up to six sessions (including more than four sessions on the water) each week, with regular sessions on core stability, flexibility and ergo training together with weights for the racers groups. We encourage all under 16s to focus on sculling; with some sweep oar opportunities for the 16+ age group.

Each junior progresses at their own rate and has personalised goals, based upon their experience and commitment. We have an ambitious squad with focused and race driven athletes targeting national and regional (J1 and J2) races as well as J3 athletes who prefer committing only to local events, or to developing their skills and rowing socially and that choose not to compete at events.

If you would like to know more about our Junior's Learn to Row courses or if you can already row and are interested in joining the Junior's squad, please contact the Junior Coordinator.